Freemen’s Cottages, Leicester

Location: Leicester

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Client: University of Leicester

Application Type: Major full application and Listed Building Consent


Extension/refurbishment of a Grade II Listed building, 550 space multi-storey car park,1200 bed PBSA arranged over 5 blocks ranging from 4-14 storeys, a 9,000m2 academic building (5 floors) and offsite highway works to mitigate highway/traffic implications.

Brief Description:

APL secured Full Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent for the redevelopment of the University of Leicester Freemen’s Cottages site.

The scheme had a challengingly tight timeframe for what was an ambitious project. Leicester City Council considered the redevelopment as a prestigious and political scheme for the City: a highly visible, multi-storey construction, impacting upon the City skyline, and situated on a busy arterial route into the City, adjacent to a Registered Parks and Gardens. The development would attract more students to the area, which, together with an increase in traffic, presented emotive issues for local residents.

APL worked hard to front load the Application’s technical documentation to limit pre-commencement conditions and thereby allow an early start on site.

Project Contact

Denise Knipe

MSc MRTPI Managing Director