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Are you looking to extend your property or add a loft conversion?

Add an office, shed, porch or fence to your garden?

Not sure whether you need planning permission? We can help with our Planning Advice.

Some residential property alterations and extensions do not require the submission of a planning application. This is known as ‘Permitted Development’.

Permitted Development Rights (PDR) allow the improvement or extension of homes without the need to apply for planning permission. You may find that your ‘permitted development rights’ (rights to build without permission) have been restricted or removed. This may apply if your property:

  • is a Listed Building
  • is within a Conservation Area
  • is within an area covered by an Article 4 Direction
  • has planning conditions from when it was built that restricts permitted development rights.


With their extensive Planning knowledge, including experience working within Local Planning Authorities, our RTPI Planners can help advise you what your options are.

If your development does fall within the criteria of PDR, we can assist you with an application for a Lawful Development Certificate from the council. This is confirmation that your development does not require Planning Permission. This may also apply to existing development. This can give you the reassurance and documentation you require to sell your property in the future.

Some larger rear extensions may be erected under permitted development but you will be required to submit an Application for Prior Approval to the Local Planning Authority.

The Government has published a Technical Guidance to help homeowners understand how they can exercise their rights to carry out development while protecting the interests of their neighbours and the wider environment.

It is always best to contact your Local Council to see if there are any hidden restrictions.

You can access the Government’s interactive guides here.

Hot Topic – Air Source Heat Pumps

The government are looking to phase out the use of fossil fuel based heating systems, with the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps being encouraged and grants currently available to householders in some circumstances.

Whilst most installations are classed as Permitted Development, some may require Planning Permission.

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