Terms of engagement

  1. Aspbury Planning Limited (APL/The Practice) will only undertake recognised town planning commissions commensurate with the professional qualifications, skills and experience of the Directors and staff. (Where necessary, the Practice may recommend the services of other, appropriately-qualified, professionals, but except where this work is of a minor and ancillary nature, only on the strict understanding that these professionals are separately instructed by, and separately liable to, the client for particular professional services provided. (In particular, the Practice does not customarily instruct members of the bar by the direct access route on behalf of clients).
  2. Commissions are only undertaken following the agreement of clear instructions therefore and after written confirmation thereof by the Client. (APL customarily provides a standard Confirmation of Commission form attached to a written commission description and fee proposal).
  3. APL does not carry out major commissions on a wholly speculative fee basis. Terms and conditions agreed for particular commissions may, however, reflect the uncertainty that attaches to certain development proposals, especially in their early stages.
  4. The Practice does not meet statutory planning application and other fees. These must be paid directly by the client to the requisite authority at the specified time. The Practice will accept no responsibility for commissions delayed as a result of late payment/dishonoured cheques etc. relating to statutory fees.
  5. APL operates as an equal opportunities employer and thus does not practise any discrimination against clients, employees, suppliers etc. by reason of colour, race, creed, sex or sexual preference.
  6. Aspbury Planning Limited will, where necessary, make use of relevant information/data supplied by you/the Client or, by third parties/other professionals acting on your/the Client’s instructions, in good faith and on the strict understanding that it is complete, accurate and factually correct.  APL will not, however, accept responsibility for the validity of such information or the use made of it by others.  Nor will the Practice accept liability for the consequences if such information is found subsequently to be incomplete, inaccurate, factually incorrect or otherwise misleading.  It should always be made clear when information supplied is of a sensitive/confidential nature and what limitations there are on its release to third parties/into the public domain.  We reserve the right to terminate our instructions immediately, without further notice, where there is evidence that information/data which is false or seriously misleading to the agency/authority for whom it is intended, has been knowingly supplied by a client or their agent.
  7. If Aspbury Planning Limited is to deliver an efficient and effective service it is important that:
    • you are open and honest with The Practice about your true plans/intentions and, where this may have a bearing on the case, your personal/corporate circumstances; and
    • you provide to us precise and accurate information about the nature of your interest in the land/property with which the commission is concerned and full details of any other person’s interest; where it is known to you, you furnish details of the (planning) history, including previous development proposals you or others have put forward, for the land/buildings concerned and the response of the determining authority thereto; all necessary information is supplied by you or your agent promptly and in a comprehensible form; and, you act responsibly, sensibly and prudently in accordance with the professional advice and guidance tendered.

For full terms and a quotation, please contact us on office@aspburyplanning.co.uk