Planning applications – Why are they taking so long?

12th July 2023


Melissa Diamond

Business Development Manager

We are getting asked this a lot at the moment!

There are a few different reasons, but the main reason is said to be staff shortages, both in the LPA and with statutory consultees. Planning applications are taking longer to be validated which has a knock on impact upon the application process. Late responses from Consultees and further requests for information are also impacting upon decision making. As the Council have a duty to re-consult when new information has been submitted, this also adds to the delays.

We share your frustration! What we would say, is that because of the length of time it can take at the moment, it is even more important to get it right first time.

For us that means providing you with one of our dedicated expert Planners, who can provide you with a planning strategy and help you get it right first time, to minimise delays and possible Appeal.

Why not let us provide you with the best possible chance of a positive outcome first time contact us today!

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