Planning Applications and you

18th January 2024


Melissa Diamond

Business Development Manager

Planning News

The fee increases for Planning Applications came into force on 6th December, but it isn’t just the increase in the initial fee that needs to be taken into account, as we explain below.

Deciding to start a project can be complex and costly enough, but now waiting to submit a Planning Application at a later date may also cost you more. The 6th December changes also meant that the fees will rise again on 1st April 2025 by up to 10% and annually thereafter.

Furthermore, the regulations remove the existing fee exemption, which allows applicants, in certain circumstances, to submit a second application without paying a fee. This is commonly known as the “free go”. This was essentially a bit of a fail safe in case you didn’t get it right first time with the information you submitted, but applicants will no longer be afforded that luxury.

Get it right first time..

It is really tempting when you are having designs drawn to also let the same company submit your plans, as it seems like less fuss. However, bear in mind that a Planning consultant has a degree/masters and will be members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). They understand the planning legislation and regulations and frequently have a well-established relationship with the Local Planning Authority (LPA. A Planners knowledge and expertise in all planning related matters  allows them to guide you through the process ensuring your project meets the Development Plan for the Area before you submit to the LPA.  Most LPA’s will only accept minor amendments during the application process and with the removal of the ‘free go’ it is in more imperative to get it right first time.

Why us?

Our team of Planners are  members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). The RTPI is a membership organisation and a Chartered Institute responsible for maintaining professional standards. We have to maintain a high level of CPD to be able to practise in this field….which we fully endorse!

We can assist you with your project no matter have big or small.  We work directly with a number of Architects, Engineers and Ecologists, which we engage as a sub-consultant on a client’s behalf to complete drawings, surveys etc and we will Project Manage the application process to take the hassle out of your project.

So, if you are an individual beginning a project or in the Building and Construction Industry looking to enlist the services of a Planner. Why not start at the very beginning with a qualified Planner that is part of a successful local business who work nationally and have been running for over four decades and contact Aspbury Planning today.

Your Vision, Our Focus.

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