My first year at Aspbury Planning

14th June 2023


Melissa Diamond

Business Development Manager

Today is my one-year work anniversary with #teamaspbury

As I reflect on what that year has meant to me, I wanted to share some of those musings with you, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Just over a year ago, I found myself in a not too great place. I was exhausted all of the time, my family only ever got to see the worst of me, as I had totally burned out by the time I got home and I felt like I didn’t fit in anymore.

Stepping out into the big wide world of work after 15 years with the same company was terrifying. But then fate took over. I was sat at home one evening feeling sick to my stomach about going into work the next day (a familiar feeling) and I had one of those job adverts emails. You know the ones, a long list of ‘here’s what you could have’ and I thought, well I’m not doing anything else so I may as well read it (I would usually just immediately delete).

A role popped up and I thought that sounds good so I did some research. A local and much smaller company than I was used to, but a well established one with a great reputation. For the first time I thought do you know what I have absolutely nothing to lose, so I updated my CV and applied.

I honestly didn’t expect to hear anything back, but much to my surprise I was offered an interview. You may think you know how the story goes from here, but you would be wrong.

Have you ever felt so low, overwhelmed and full of self-doubt that you let an opportunity pass you by? Well, that’s exactly what almost happened. I initially accepted the interview, but at the last minute declined. I just didn’t feel worthy and I thought that company would give up on me….but they didn’t!

I had a phone call from the lovely Denise Knipe, who called to chat and see if I would come in. I felt an instant connection and reassurance, exactly what I needed in that moment and so I agreed to go in for an interview.

A few days later I went to the offices for an interview, nerves almost making me turn the car around, but I didn’t and I made it. As soon as I got to the office I was greeted by smiles and kind faces who immediately made me feel at ease. It didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like I was talking to friends I had known my whole life and for the first time in a long time I felt hopeful and like I could belong somewhere.

They obviously felt the same as a few days later they offered me the job and I felt on top of the world. That feeling of belonging has only grown over this year and working at Aspbury Planning isn’t just a job, it really is like being part of a family. We support each other, we help each other and above all we care about each other.

I have had an opportunity to develop, learn and grow. Overall, this year has taught me a huge amount about myself and also the example I want to set my children. I didn’t realise how bad my mental health was at the time, because I wasn’t taking care of myself. We are humans, not machines and we must look after both our mental and physical health as a priority. You can be successful without working yourself into the ground. When you feel valued you produce your best work.

What a year, life changing in many ways. My advice moving forward? Take that leap, find your people and go and live your most happy and productive life, you only get one go at it.

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