Aspbury Planning Celebrates 40 years!

4th April 2023


Melissa Diamond

Business Development Manager

The 1st April to most is an opportunity to play tricks on each other, but for Aspbury Planning, this year was serious, as the business turned 40 years old.

The business (originally named Antony Aspbury Associates) was founded by Tony Aspbury in 1983 with the first offices based at Castle Gate, Newark. In 2007 the business moved to its current location at 20 Park Lane Business Centre in Basford. In the spirit of growth and reinventing ourselves, in 2015 the business moved into its next phase with a new name and so ‘Aspbury Planning Ltd’ was born.

Aspbury has always been and will continue to be a hub for development and growth. We have helped to develop confidence and skills in our team that have led to substantial promotions for them in the planning world.

2022 saw Denise Knipe become Managing Director and secure Asbury’s future for many years to come. In an ever-changing world where many things are uncertain, Aspbury Planning has stood the test of time. Our future looks bright and our team are stronger than ever.

We plan to celebrate this momentous occasion with a party in the summer months to thank everyone who has helped Aspbury Planning to achieve the success it has, so watch this space.

In the meantime, if you need help with your project Get in touch today!

We are small, but mighty, with the skills and knowledge to drive projects forward, whilst providing a consistently excellent service.

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