Prestwold Hall, Prestwold, Leicestershire

Location: Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane, Prestwold, Leicestershire

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Client: Prestwold Hall Conference Centre

Application Type: Full Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent


Change of use of the Model Farm Buildings to a multi-function events space, in association with the existing events use of Prestwold Hall.

Brief Description:

Planning permission and listed building consent granted for the change of use of the existing Model Farm Buildings as a former agricultural building to a use as a multi-function events space, to include weddings. The proposed change of use of the building seeks to diversify and complement the existing and highly successful events business at Prestwold Hall, and the operations of the Estate in general, whilst also securing the long-term and sensitive re-use of curtilage listed building on the Estate. 

The Model Farm Buildings were constructed in the late 1890s and are brick buildings built around a timber framed covered courtyard. They were built by Sir Edward Hussey-Packe as a state-of-the-art demonstration farm, constructed to demonstrate modern and up-to-date farming methods to the Prestwold estate tenants. The buildings contain looseboxes, milking parlour and stalls, fodder preparation room, workshop, pigsties, slaughterhouse and hanging room, all built around a covered yard. By the early 1900s it had become obsolete because agricultural practices had progressed. 

The proposed conversion is a “light touch” approach, as the retention of the rustic appearance of the building is important for the intended theme of the new use. Original milking stalls, feed troughs, hay racks and loose boxes were all retained in the conversion scheme. 

Project Contact

Denise Knipe

MSc MRTPI Managing Director